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We produce quality videos here as well. We use  the ADOBE PREMIER CS6 suite, and Studio One to produce videos with high quality sound and imagery. We combine the abilities of all the software that we possess to create a unique and individualistic creation that conveys what you want to bring forth. In today’s market entrepreneurs and individuals are taking advantage of the exposure that youtube and other online services have to offer. Here at KABBAM PRODUCTIONS not only do we make commercials that can impact your audience but we also have the ability to help market your product as well. For more information you can call us at 510 586-1532 or send us an e-mail at

 I present to you a few videos shot or edited by Kent Brooks

Just us 4 all


Sami Imports

Corporation wy

Global warming

Evo of crim toon

We’v got 2 b thr


Ultimate Love

The World

Brooks jewels

Hip Hop cloths

Money intro

Red hat soc

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